Our home

The Home and our Care Plan

The resident, our staff, the resident’s doctor and relatives (or representatives) are all given the opportunity to contribute to an agreed care plan. This outlines what the particular needs and wishes of the resident are and establishes the appropriate level of service required. It is a dynamic document which always reflects the changing circumstances of the resident. A member of staff will be made the resident’s key worker, and they will be responsible for monitoring the care plan. Regular reviews are conducted by the senior residential care workers to validate the process.


Our Activity Organiser arranges for group activities on a regular basis. If the resident is able to undertake travel away from Collinson House, visits to place of local interest, theatres, garden centres or lunch at a local pub are arranged. Therapeutic activities that support a persons sense of self, encouraging the use of individual skills and memory. Structured group work and individual focus are essential to a successful therapeutic activity programme which is provided at Collinson House.


A small trolley/tuck shop is brought around to allow residents to purchase popular items such as toothpaste or bubble bath. A visit by a private dentist can be arranged. There is a hairdresser who will visits once a week. A telephone is available for resident’s use, or a private line can be installed in the resident’s room. Age concern and Chapel services are also available at Collinson House. Please note some service in this brochure are subject to an additional cost to the standard fee.

Health and Safety

Please note that smoking is NOT permitted in any part of the building. However there will be a designated smoking area in garden for residents use.